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Thanks to all of the collectors, scrimshanders, and craftsmen I've worked with over the years. I've retired from scrimshaw and now spend all of my time slapping paint on canvas. If interested, you can click here, or here, and you'll be taken to another page with some of my works in oils. Apologies, as both are in serious need of updating. If you're here because you want to ask a question about scrimshaw or ivory, I'll still try my best to help if you send an email to

Robert Weiss is internationally recognized in the field of marine art as one of the foremost contemporary scrimshanders working today. Please visit his bio page to read more about the artist. Explore the other links to learn more about scrimshaw, ivory, and whaling. The scrimshaw images below are representative examples of his work. Unless otherwise noted these scrimshaw pieces have been sold, and are in private collections. If one of these works strikes a chord with you, a similar piece can be done. Contact Robert Weiss to receive more information on the scrimshaw below or to discuss other ideas you may have for a highly collectable piece of scrimshaw, including family portraits.

Please remember when viewing these pictures that much of the finer detail is lost in photographs of scrimshaw. Combined with the low resolution of the web, these pictures are only a shallow representation of the quality of thee pieces. Unless otherwise noted, all the dimensions given are overall dimensions to include the mount.

Designed to complement the shape and coloration of the scrimshaw to be displayed upon it, each mount is meticulously hand-crafted from the finest hardwoods, ivories, and shell.

Arctic Trio II
Available for Purchase

Fast Friends IV

John Paul Jones

C.H. Northam

Chasing The Sperm Whale

Fast Friends

Fast Friends II

Fast Friends III



The Whaling Disaster of 1871

All in a Day's Work

Nelson & Victory

 Whaling Disaster of 1871

J-Class Yacht RANGER

Arctic Trio



Mitsuo and Tsuruye

The Constitution Tooth

Sailing Day Portrait



Herman Melville

Lewis Temple

The Bermuda Clipper


Explorers of the Arctic

Donald McKay & 

The Morgans

The Scrimshanders

Sir Ernest Shackleton


American Bald Eagle