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New York Harbor, OpSail 2000
Scrimshaw on African elephant ivory
on cocabola wood, ivory, and black mother-of-pearl mount.
 6.25"W x 3.75"H x 2.75"D

Private Collection

On the Fourth of July, 2000,  the USCG Barque Eagle, America’s most famous tall ship, glided under the Verrazanno Narrows Bridge and through the haze that had settled over the harbor to lead the parade of tall ships into New York. It was an unforgettable sight. This beautiful vessel, built in Germany and launched on June 30, 1936 as the Horst Wessel, came to the United States as part of war reparations following World War II. She is sister ship to Romania’s Mircea, Portugal’s Sagres, Germany’s Gorch Fock, and Ukraine’s Tovarich.



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